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Albatross Golf Resort

The course spreads over an area of about eighty hectares and is built on the owner’s land, on moderately hilly terrain. The resort can be found near the village of Vysoky Ujezd in the vicinity of Prague, on the very border of the Bohemian Kras at 420 metres above sea level. Thanks to the favourable climate, the outdoor golf season here may in fact be one of the longest in Central Europe!

The 72-par course have putting green areas, each from 459 to 812 square metres, depending on the overall approach and difficulty of the particular hole. The total area of the putting greens including foregreens is 11 677 square metres. The holes have four to five tees with an area of 12 500 square metres. Area of the fairways is 16.58 hectares and the total area of the bunkers is 10 400 square metres.

Important Information - to maintain the quality of the game and to keep the ideal paste follow HCP limit 45 and lower at the Albatross resort (this doesn’t apply to members of the Albatross golf club).

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