Official FAM TRIPS 2009 in the Czech Republic

Organized by CGTA (Czech Golf Travel Association) in cooperation with Czech Tourist Board (Czech Tourism).

  • Golf has deep roots in the Czech republic. The history of this sport began to be written here at the beginning of the 20th Century.
  • The Czech Republic is a country where golfers can experience a unique combination of natural beauty, historic sights and golf.
  • Czech golf has at this point managed to cover almost the entire map of the country.
  • Let us now imagine the Czech Republic as a golfing destination, and see if our golf courses could in the future become an attractive draw for your visitors.
  • The best courses with the highest standards of service are in the vicinity of Prague. For example Konopiště Golf Resort - 36 championship holes in operation, and a nine-hole public course. Ypsilon Golf Resort Liberec - golf pearl of the Czech Republic. Golf Park Plzeň- close to home of Pilsner Urquell beer - Plzen. More information you can find in the schedule of fam trip called Tournament of CGTA (4 - 8 September 09).
  • The second fam trip Golf and Spa (3 - 8 August 09)is located in the largest Czech spa town in Karlovy Vary. The golf course is only few kilometres from the famous colonnades and springs of this town. The golf couse in nearby Marianske Lazne has a royal birth certificate to show off, because it was opened in 1905 by the English King Edward VII. Golf Club Sokolov created by land reclamation after the closing of a lignite mine this 18-hole golf course, par 72 is a good example of the positive influence of golf on the environment. More info in the schedule Golf and Spa.
  • Enjoy the Czech Republic!

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